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Tombow Liquid glue Multi Talent width two tips display PK10 | 48644TW

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Liquid glue Multi Talent value pack, content: 10 pcs. Two tips for the best gluing experience: Fine tip for pinpoint gluing; wide tip for extensive application. Broad tip is made of silicone rubber – allows for an especially smooth applying of the glue and easy removal of dried glue from the tip. The PT-MTC glues ultra-strong, clean on paper, cardboard, photos, tape, felt, moss and much more. For durable and repositionable gluing. For repositionable gluing: 1:)apply a thin layer of glue 2.) let the glue dry completely (2-3 min.) 3.) press the application on the glue layer and reposition it if necessary. For permanent gluing:1.) Apply a thin layer of glue 2.) press the application on the glue layer whilst still moisture. Acid free and photosafe. Contains 25 g.

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