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Tombow Limited Edition Travel Journal Set | 67152TW

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Creative set for designing a travel diary
Whether planning a trip, an individual travel report or a self-made creative photo book.?Your travel diary can be anything.?Your creativity knows no limits.?In addition to a notebook, the set contains various pens and an adhesive roller.?

A5 notebook from brandbook
You can record some of your trips on 128 pages.?It also includes a fold-out world map where you can mark your travel destinations.?The 90g paper is bright white with dot matrix.

4x fibre pen TwinTone
The space-saving TwinTones have a round tip with 0.8 mm and fineliner tip with a line width of 0.3 mm.?So you can use them individually and always have the right line width ready.?The water-based ink does not show through on most types of paper.?The following colours are included: black, grey, fuchsia pink, emerald green

1x creative highlighter MONO edge
Highlighter with double tip: chisel tip for marking and fineliner tip for adding notes.?The bordered plastic tip keeps the shape and keeps rulers and stencils clean.?Colour: purple

1x refillable adhesive roller MONO Maxi Power Tape
For quick, easy and permanent gluing of your photos, tickets or other papers.?Extra long: 16 m tape length and refillable.

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