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tesafilm Recycled Desk Dispenser & 2 rolls 19mm x 33M 53905 | 34616TE

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The tesa? Easy Cut desk dispenser SMART is classic self-adhesive tape dispenser that stands out for its compact dimensions and brings a touch of elegance to your desktop. It is an unique lightweight anti slip tape dispenser designed for convenient on-hand operation and easy filling. Versatile home and office accessory The tesa? Easy Cut desk dispenser SMART will not only look good on the office desktop. It is also a versatile self-adhesive tape dispenser for household and home office. Use it to quickly repair a torn document, seal an envelope, or wrap a gift. It is always there when you need it and offers the easiest way to provide with a strip of tesafilm? at precisely the length needed. Stop-pad tape dispenser for a secure stand Although it features modern lightweight design, the tesa? Easy Cut desk dispenser SMART offers a firm stand on your desk. For this purpose, it is equipped with a special stop-pad attached to the base plate of the dispenser. It works without any adhesives, which means that you can re-position the dispenser anytime without having to worry about visible traces on the desktop. If the stop-pad has accumulated some dust, simply clean it under running water to re-activate its full functionality. Functional and environment-friendly The tesa Easy Cut?desk dispenser SMART is made from 100% recycled plastic. This means, it combines modern design with ecological advantages. An integrated serrated metal blade takes care of precise cutting and long-lasting operation. The dispenser matches any roll of tesafilm? with a width up to 19 mm and a length of up to 33 m.

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