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tesa Transparent Tack XL Double sided adhesive pads 36 pads | 34679TE

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tesa? TACK Transparent Double-sided Adhesive Pads XL for numerous applications The powerful adhesive pads from tesa? are not only outstandingly easy to use, they are also suitable for numerous different tasks. Thanks to their bigger size you can fix larger papers like flip chart paper or year planners. Furthermore, the XL pads are valuable ”little helpers” during workshops or presentations. Invisible application and trace-free removal There are, of course, other ways of attaching light objects reliably at home or in the office but with tesa? TACK Transparent Double-sided Adhesive Pads XL you leave no traces behind. Furthermore, as long as you use the adhesive pads on a smooth surface, you can use them again. Note: The surface should be clean, dust-free, dry and free from grease to achieve maximum adhesive performance. Use of the adhesive pads on porous and sensitive surfaces, such as woodchip or plaster, is not recommended. They are suitable for temporary use on windows. Please remove the adhesive pads slowly to avoid damage to the surface.

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