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tesa Transparent Tack Double sided adhesive pads 72 pads | 34672TE

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tesa? TACK transparent adhesive double-sided pads ? one adhesive solution, numerous application possibilities. The powerful sticky tacks from tesa? are not only easy to use, they are also suitable for numerous different tasks. Hang up photos of your loved ones, add a pretty name tag to gifts, fix important business cards or notes to your monitor or use the adhesive pads for your handicraft ideas and surprise those around you. Invisible application and trace-free removal The use of the sticky pads is very simple. Just take as many pieces as you need, stick them to the object and fix the object to the surface. The good thing is that you will leave no traces behind when you remove the object. Another advantage is that you can use the adhesive pads multiple times. Note: The surface should be clean, dust-free, dry and free from grease to achieve maximum adhesive performance. Use of the sticky tacks on porous and sensitive surfaces, such as woodchip or plaster, is not recommended. They are suitable for temporary use on windows.

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