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tesa Strong PP Packaging Tape 50mmx66m Transparent 57167 PK6 | 34399TE

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tesapack? strong is a practical packing and carton sealing tape that was made for a wide range of typical household applications. It offers exactly the combination of qualities expected from a multi-purpose household packing tape. Two versions for different needs Besides a standard brown version tesapack? strong is also available with a transparent backing. This means, you can select the right kind of packing tape for any application. Use the brown tape to quickly seal a shipping carton or opt for the transparent tape to nicely wrap up a gift. Strong and UV-resistant tesapack? strong features a strong Polypropylene backing that gives you extra sealing security with high UV resistance. The self-adhesive coating of the tape is based on a formula offering strong adhesion with high resistance against shearing forces. Easy and efficient application tesapack? strong not only easily unwinds from its core without causing any excessive noise. The tape can also be used with any of the tesa? handheld dispensers that are designed for easy application and precise cutting of the tape.

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