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tesa Glue Roller ecologo Refill Permanent 8.4mm x 15M PK5 | 34581TE

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There is no reason to get sticky fingers just because you want to apply some glue to attach something. The tesa? Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo? turns gluing into a fast, clean and precise procedure that is far more convenient than using fluid glue or a glue stick. Perfect adhesion easily achieved The tesa? Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo? was primarily designed to stick typical office materials like paper, cardboard or photographic prints. It uses a special glue that takes care of reliable and durable adhesion. Due to the slightly reddish tint of the glue you are able to clearly see where it was applied to achieve perfect results while using exactly the right amount of glue. Gluing made fast and easy Working with this practical glue roller is considerably faster than handling any fluid glue. It is even much easier than handling any conventional glue stick. The roller is filled with a tear-resistant PET tape coated with a self-adhesive glue. You only need to press the tip of the roller against the paper or cardboard and move it across its surface. This will automatically transfer a precisely contoured strip of bonding agent onto it. There is no easier and more convenient way to apply just the right amount of glue for durable adhesion. One glue roller, multiple cartridges The tesa? Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo? is not a one-way product. It is a reusable glue roller matching the tesa? range of glue cartridges. The original cartridge containing the glue can be removed repeatedly in order to replace it with a new one. Gluing in line with eco standards The tesa? Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo? conforms to the requirements of an eco-friendly product. For this reason it is made from 100% recycled plastic and features a cartridge consisting of 61% recycled plastic. The cardboard packaging contains 80% recycled fibres while the outer blister is free from PVC.

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