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tesa Economy Packaging Tape Dispenser 06300 PK1 | 34588TE

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The tesa? Hand dispenser ECONOMY matches any of the tesapack? carton sealing and packaging tapes. It is a practical handheld tape dispenser offering basic functionality and ideal for anyone who occasionally needs to prepare a package, parcel or carton for shipping. Durable and robust metal design. Based on a robust metal frame, the tesa? Hand dispenser ECONOMY promises durable and reliable operation for many years. It features an ergonomically shaped plastic handle that offers a good grip for fast and intuitive packing. Precise cutting with added safety. The tesa? Hand dispenser ECONOMY is equipped with a built-in metal blade that is ready to precisely cut the carton sealing tape at exactly the right position. When not in use, the blade can be covered with a special plastic cap to protect the user from injuries. Carton sealing with one swift movement. The tesa? Hand dispenser ECONOMY supports all the functions needed for sealing a shipping carton. It unwinds the tape and firmly sticks it onto the carton. Plus it allows precise lengthening of the tape for easy and economic sealing. The only thing you need to do is firmly press the dispenser onto the carton and pull it towards yourself. It only takes a few seconds and offers perfect sealing for safe transportation and storage. Made for all packaging tapes. The tesa? Hand dispenser ECONOMY is a universal shipping tape dispenser matching the complete range of tesapack? carton sealing and packaging tapes. Using an integrated adjustable tension control you can easily match the dispenser to the type of packaging tape inserted into it.

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