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tesa Comfort Packaging Tape Dispenser 06400 PK1 | 34448TE

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The tesa? Hand dispenser COMFORT is an industry-standard sealing tape dispenser designed for tesapack? packaging and carton sealing tapes. It works with all tapes up to a width of 50 mm. Due to its sturdy metal design, this highly reliable tool combines professional quality with proven functionality. Sturdy metal design for everyday use. Industrial packaging stations call for robust tools that provide proven functionality and maximum availability. The tesa? Hand dispenser COMFORT was made with just these requirements in mind. It is a solid tape dispenser featuring a solid metal frame and an ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfortable operation. Made for fast and easy operation. With the tesa? Hand dispenser COMFORT, securely sealing a shipping carton is done within a few seconds. You only need to press the large rubber contact roller on the box, pull the tape dispenser towards yourself and apply a strip of sealing tape as needed. To cut the tape, simply press the plastic flap and continue moving the dispenser. Safety integrated by design. The tesa? Hand dispenser COMFORT was designed according to the latest industrial safety standards. It includes a retractable cutting blade that is only activated by pressing a special flap. This safety design protects the packer from injuries while supporting a fast and effective packing process. Adjustable tension control. To work with all types of tesapack? packaging and carton sealing tapes, the tesa? Hand dispenser COMFORT features an adjustable tension control. It not only allows perfect interaction between the roll of tape and the sealing tape dispenser itself. It is also ideal to quickly change between different types of packaging tape. Professional spare part service. In a professional packing environment, defective equipment needs to be taken care of immediately. The tesa? Hand dispenser COMFORT is backed by the fast spare parts service of tesa? to get a defective dispenser back to work as fast as possible.

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