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STM Myth Sleeve 13 Inch Notebook Briefcase Granite Black Static Proof Front Pocket Interior Tablet Pocket Featherweight Ultra Protective Sheath | 8STM114184M01

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Setting straight yet another fallacy: that you can only effectively protect digital gear in a pack or brief. When it comes to safeguarding the laptop, we wear our heart on our sleeve—demonstrating our love for your device’s safety with a slender, feather-weight, ultra-protective sheath.

Simple to adjust and easy to detach, our versatile and removable shoulder strap ensures your tote will always be an easy one.

Crafted from environmentally-friendly, free of perfluorooctanoic acid DWR C6 plus two coatings of polyurethane (followed by the inner lining that’s treated with yet another coating of PU), our water-repellent packs and briefs let you protect your stuff while you protect the planet.

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