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StarTech USB C Multiport Adapter 4K HDMI VGA | 8STDKT30CHV

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Turn your laptop into a compact workstation wherever you work or go, adding video, Gigabit Ethernet, and a USB 3.0 port through USB Type-C (5Gbps).
This USB-C? multiport adapter for laptops changes the way you work when you?re on the move. It lets you create a workstation when you travel, and it?s one of the first multiport adapters to integrate a USB Type-C? host connection. Now, you can create a permanent or temporary workstation virtually anywhere you go.
It?s a versatile and portable way to help you connect additional devices to your port-limited laptop (for example, your Dell? Precision, Dell XPS, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S?, or Google Chromebook?) using its next-generation USB-C port, so it?s perfect for mobile work.
This multiport adapter features an integrated and easy-to-use USB Type-C connector. To take full advantage of USB-C and DP alt mode, the adapter converts the video and data capabilities of your laptop?s USB-C port into four individual ports. You can save money and use the adapter with your existing peripherals, and with its built-in cable, there?s no need to carry around a separate host cable.
The adapter?s USB-C connector is small and reversible, which makes connecting it to your laptop faster and easier. Now, you can spend more time working, and less time setting up your workstation. Plus, you can connect the plug with either side facing up, so there?s less risk of damaging your laptop port. And because it uses USB-C, the adapter is Thunderbolt? 3 data port compatible, so you can connect it to your Thunderbolt 3 equipped laptop.
With a range of convenient features, the travel adapter is ideal for quick setups in conference rooms or boardrooms.

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