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StarTech Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Converter 4K | 8STMDP2HD4KS

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The MDP2HD4KS Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter enables you to connect a?mDP-equipped Ultrabook?, tablet?or laptop?computer, such as the ThinkPadT440?series, to an HDMI display.This adapter is compatible with Mini DisplayPort 1.2?& HDMI 4K @ 30 Hz and as a result can support video resolutions up to Ultra HD (4K) as well as the accompanying digital?audio up to 7.1 channel surround sound.?The?mDP adapter?is the perfect accessory for your Microsoft Surface??Pro 4, Surface?Pro 3, Surface 3,?Surface Pro 2 or Surface Book.

With support for Ultra HD (4K) the mDP to HDMI adapter ensures you can convert Mini DisplayPort to HDMI while maintaining an astonishing picture quality four?times the resolution of high-definition?1080p.?The adapter is also backward?compatible with previous?DisplayPort revisions 1.0/1.1 with support for?resolutions up to?1080p.

For a hassle-free setup the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter allows for?plug-and-play installation without any additional software or drivers. Plus, with a small footprint and lightweight design, the adapter maximizes portability.

To ensure compatibility with any Mini DisplayPort output the mDP adapter offers an active conversion.?Active video conversion is required to?maintain?4K resolutions when converting?Mini DisplayPort?to HDMI. An active mDP adapter?is also ideal for outputting 1080p?resolutions by ensuring compatibility?with graphics cards that are not capable of outputting multi-mode DP++ signals (e.g. ATI Eyefinity).

The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter is compatible with Intel? Thunderbolt? devices that?output?a DisplayPort video signal.

The MDP2HD4KS is backed by a 2-year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

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