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Startech HDMI over IP Extender Video Compression | 8STST12MHDLNHK

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Extend and control HDMI video over your existing LAN to create a state-of-the-art network of video displays in a variety of environments where digital signage is required.

Reliably Extend Compressed HDMI Video with Bandwidth Efficiency.
This extender uses advanced compression to distribute high-quality HDMI video over your network, with minimal bandwidth requirements. With advanced compression technology, broadcasting your video signal requires only 6 – 12 Mbps of local area network bandwidth, when in operation for each kit.

Flexible & Scalable Deployment Options.
The HDMI over LAN extender offers many configurations to accommodate your set up. This HDMI video extender provides four ways to control your video network configurations.
1. Rotary DIP switches located on the Tx and Rx
2. Your computer connected to the transmitter or receiver via a serial cable
3. Over IP using any device equipped with a browser on the same local area network (i.e. tablet, laptop, smartphone)
4. Infrared (IR) remote control using the included receiver conducts thorough compatibility and performance testing on all our products to ensure we are meeting or exceeding industry standards and providing high-quality products to our customers. Our local Technical Advisors have broad product expertise and work directly with Engineers to provide support for our customers both pre and post-sales.

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