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StarTech Black Slim Mini Jack Splitter Cable | 8STMUY1MFFADP

£5.81 Ex. VAT

The MUY1MFFADP Black Slim Headphone Splitter Cable splits a single 3.5mm audio output into two separate outputs, enabling you to connect two sets of headphones or speakers to your MP3 player, Tablet PC or laptop computer.
The Headphone Y-Cable allows you to share your favourite songs and/or videos with a friend while you are travelling or on the move and it features a slim connector moulding that fits easily into a 3.5mm headphone jack, even if your mobile device is in a protective case.
This splitter adapter is coloured to suit black mobile devices, and can be used with any portable device that has a 3.5mm mini jack, such as your iPhone?, iPod? and iPad?. The cable features a compact, lightweight design that takes up very little space in your laptop bag or carrying case.
The MUY1MFFADP Black Headphone Splitter Cable is backed by’s Lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability.

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