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StarTech 8in HDMI to DVI D Video Cable | 8STHDDVIFM8IN

£7.95 Ex. VAT

Connect a DVI-D device to an HDMI?-enabled device using a standard HDMI cable.
The HDDVIFM8IN HDMI? to DVI-D Video Adapter Cable features one HDMI female connector and one DVI-D male connector, which enables a bi-directional connection between HDMI-capable devices and DVI-D capable devices to overcome compatibility issues.
The HDMI to DVI dongle offers 8-inches in cable length, which lessens strain on the connectors and prevents damage to the cable while also reducing the potential of blocking other nearby ports.
Designed and constructed to provide a dependable HDMI to DVI connection, this high quality cable is backed by’s Lifetime Warranty.

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