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StarTech 4 Port HDMI Switch with PIP Multiviewer | 8STVS421HDPIP

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Share an HDMI display between four distinct HDMI audio/video sources, with optional Picture-and-Picture.
The VS421HDPIP 4-Port HDMI Video Switch with Picture-and-Picture (PAP) lets you connect four HDMI video sources to a single HDMI display with the added benefit of playing all four video sources on your display simultaneously with combined video.
The split-screen multiplexing switch gives you the flexibility of a 4-port video switch with the added benefit of combining two, three or four video sources onto your output display. The switch supports three different picture-and-picture modes per display: Matrix Mode (1×1) / Dual Mode (2×1) / Quad Mode (4×1).
Fitting your boardroom or digital signage application with a VS421HDPIP dramatically increases your communication possibilities. Not only does the picture-and-picture switch increase your communication by a factor of four, but it also enables you to adjust your video sources remotely using your local TCP/IP network, or the included IR remote control.

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