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StarTech 2m Black SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable A to A Male to Female | 8STUSB3SEXT2MBK

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Extend your SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cable by up to an additional 2 metres.

The USB3SEXT2MBK 2m Black SuperSpeed USB 3.0 extension cable (A-A), offers a durable, high-quality connection that harnesses the full capability of the USB 3.0 standard.
This USB 3.0 male-to-female cable extends a USB 3.0 cable connection by up to 2 meters and delivers the full USB 3.0 bandwidth of 5Gbps, supporting maximum throughput between compatible devices when used with a USB 3.0 host and device.
Our USB 3.0 extension cord features high-quality Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) construction, helping to prevent electromagnetic interference and ensuring reliable data communication.
The USB3SEXT2MBK is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, providing guaranteed quality and reliability.

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