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StarTech 1.5m HDMI to DVI D Cable | 8STHDDVIMM150CM

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Connect an HDMI?-enabled output device to a DVI-D display, or a DVI-D output device to an HDMI-capable display.
The HDDVIMM150CM HDMI? to DVI-D cable comes in a non-standard 1.5 metre / 5 foot cable length allowing for a convenient connection distance and enabling you to position your DVI-D or HDMI-enabled devices as needed.
This bi-directional cable enables you to connect a DVI-D video card (or other DVI-D output device) to a display that incorporates HDMI technology, or enables you to connect an HDMI-enabled output to a DVI-D capable display.
A valuable addition to any digital signage, multimedia or home theatre application, this high-performance cable is designed to provide the best quality picture available through either HDMI technology or DVI digital connections.

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