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Speck Presidio 2 Pro iPhone 12 Mini Black Phone Case Antibacterial Drop Proof Scratch Resistant Shock Resistant | 8SP138474D143

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PRESIDO®2 ARMOR CLOUD™ TECHNOLOGY – when dropped, air capsules compress and suspend your phone on a protective cushion of air, just like an airbag. These phone-loving airbags are designed to absorb shock and resist damage to your device.

The unique soft-touch finish for a better look, enhanced feel, and added scratch resistance to keep your case looking great. Only Speck has Microban®. Their antimicrobial product protection delivers a 99% reduction in bacteria growth on the case, creating a cleaner surface. Life gets dirty, we keep your case cleaner. The re-engineered and advanced design protects your phone against drops of up to 13 feet.

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