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Posca PC-8K Marker Broad Silver PK1

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Now it?s time to get serious and get your colour on with your POSCA chisel tips.

The PC-8K?s 8mm broad chisel tip draws neat curves and covers large surfaces in a wide range of colours. A street art favourite, it is also fantastic for large italic-style hand-writing and large format work.

POSCA paint markers are great value because one pen has so many uses. Its water-based pigment ink (so no nasties) is lightfast, water resistant and will write on almost any surface including ceramics, wood, paper, glass, plastic, textiles and metal.

Let your creativity shine with POSCA, this multi-use paint marker is available in a number of vibrant, opaque solid colours. You can mix the shades while the paint is wet and overlay colours on top of one another when they dry. With POSCA the possibilities are endless.

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