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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cafe Lungo Decaf 16 capsules (Pack 3) | 64877NE

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Enjoying a great tasting coffee doesn?t mean you need to have all of the caffeine too. Lungo Decaf is just as smooth and tasty as the original, but it is made with a decaffeinated blend of coffee. So whether it?s late in the evening or you just don?t fancy the caffeine, you can enjoy the popular Lungo without putting taste to one side.
This literal ?long espresso?, a shot of decaffeinated espresso made with a little more hot water, is a coffee you can take your time over at breakfast, lunch and beyond. With an enticing aroma and that traditional layer of crema on top, the drink packed into these coffee pods isn?t one to miss. Simple but confident, the Lungo Decaf is best enjoyed any way you like it, without or without milk. However you make it your own, it?s a great little number for any time of the day, whether you?re kicking back by yourself or enjoying with friends.

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