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Fellowes Lotus VE Sit Stand Workstation Dual | 36761FE

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Too many hours sat at your desk is damaging your health. Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk throughout the day, helps you to stay active, healthy and productive. This reduces the risks of sedentary working, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The Fellowes Lotus™ VE Sit-Stand Workstation – Dual adds movement to your day to help you work and feel better – effortlessly. In just a few seconds you can change your position to help you stay active at work. Fellowes Lotus™ VE Sit-Stand Workstation accommodates multiple users and work styles – featuring 38cm of vertical adjustment so you can work in a position that’s perfect for you. It’s waterfall design offers two generous work surfaces to hold all of your essential desk accessories – with built in cable management to keep your workspace clutter free. The Fellowes Lotus™ VE Sit-Stand Workstation – Dual has a single mount design and can be mounted to the back of any desk.

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