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Epson C13T295000 T2950 Maintenance Box 50K | EPT295000

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The printer ink maintenance tank is user replaceable. The printer will alert you when getting low or when tank needs to be changed.
Make sure your printer is running smoothly and any waste ink is flushed from the system during print head cleaning by using the Epson T2950 ink maintenance box. If you notice that the quality of your prints is deteriorating, it might be time to replace the Epson C13T295000 maintenance box. The Epson C13T295000 ink maintenance box can make sure your printer is operating efficiently. With the Epson T2950 ink collector unit, you’re sure to produce professional-quality documents. Remove any surplus ink correctly and replace your maintenance tank with a new Epson T2950 waste ink system when advised to do so by your printer.

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