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1m MSA 40G QSFP Plus Direct Attach Cable | 8STQSFP40GPC1M

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The QSFP40GPC1M is an MSA compliant direct-attach copper QSFP+ cable that?s designed, programmed and tested to work in 40G network deployments. It delivers dependable 40 GbE connectivity over?copper cabling,?which is a cost-effective alternative to fibre-optic cable setups.??

This passive Twinax cable supports 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications connected through QSFP+ (Mini-GBIC) ports. The cable is hot-swappable, making upgrades and replacements seamless by minimizing network disruptions.

At 1 meter long and designed for high-speed performance, this copper QSFP+ cable is ideal for medium-distance applications such as across-rack network switch or server connections.

All SFP & SFP+ cables are backed by a lifetime warranty and free lifetime multilingual technical support. offers a wide variety of direct-attach SFP Cables and SFP modules, providing the convenience and reliability you need to ensure dependable network performance.

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