Goldhawk Forms

Goldhawk Forms Limited was established in 1995 and is a privately run company supplying business supplies to home office users and commercial organisations in the UK.

We appreciate that our activities as a business and as individuals has an impact on the environment and we are committed to reducing this impact wherever possible. We monitor this impact and continually improve our processes and track our progress to ensure that we are achieving our objectives from an environmental perspective. This is reviewed annually to ensure that we are continually moving forward in line with current legal and best practice guidelines.

We seek to do the following

  • Educate and encourage our team to actively reduce waste, consumption and take a sympathetic approach to the environment
  • Apply best practice to reduce energy use including using lighting and heating where needed and switching off equipment when not in use
  • Minimise waste and where possible reduce our waste sent to landfill to zero
  • Become ‘re-use’ aware and encourage the re-use of materials including scrap paper and filing
  • Minimise our use of resources including energy, water and office consumables such as paper by monitoring our usage and implementing resource reduction policies
  • Minimise our fuel consumption and co2 emissions through the use of efficient journey planning, public transport and where appropriate conference calls
  • Prevent pollution by reducing and where possible removing hazardous chemicals used for cleaning and maintenance
  • Raise awareness amongst suppliers, customers and the local community to encourage other businesses and individuals to adopt their own policies

This policy has the full support of the directors of the company. Our team understand they have a personal responsibility to take care of themselves, the environment and anyone else that may be affected by their work to ensure that we comply with this policy and Environmental Legislation. This policy is reviewed on an annual basis and made available to the public.